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Category Specific – Targeted Organic Search Engine Traffic
We will send Visitors to Your Website!
It’s simple, you tell us how many¬†visitors you want to visit your site and within 24-48 hours internet users who are searching the web will be directed to your website based on their search request.

Traffic begins streaming within 24-48 hours.

  • Category and Sub Category Targeted Keyword Traffic, both Targeted or Mainstream USA/ GLOBAL or Country/State.¬† Unique niche for finer targeting.
  • Keyword Generated traffic from both Global & US user IP addresses, Mainstream Traffic (Global) or Defined Country/US or Canada
  • Choose yes or no for Pop ups (if your site has pop ups, choose yes pop ups allowed!)
  • Multiple traffic streams available, choose a category and choose your traffic source
  • Dedicated traffic streams available
  • Set campaign length
  • Set visitors per hour

Campaign stats can be viewed using your site’s stat program or google analytics. (These programs should be set up prior to the campaign) All Traffic is guaranteed, conversions are up to you so be sure your websites landing page is ready with a great lead capture page and call to action. Sending traffic to your website will be useless if your site does not spark an interest for your visitor, be certain to select the proper category for your audience and make them want to learn more, freebies, giveaways and contests are a great way to interest a potential customer or client.

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