The Development of Mobile Phone & Smart Phone

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To coincide with the release of the Developing Applications for Mobile Devices specialisation of the Master of Systems Development, we offered a free short c…
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  1. Is it me or when you start developing win apps, its like you dumb it down
    to a simple level big buttons, bright colors, couple selections at most. I
    know its very very cheap however I feel like I wasted time on developing.

  2. really irritating voice man!!

  3. How to: developing Windows Phone applications

  4. thanks (:

  5. Good tutorial but the framerate is just horrible… Really hard to follow
    the mouse! TY anyways (:

  6. ptth(Backwards)(Colin slash
    slash)developer(dot)windowsphone(dot)com(slash)en-us(slash)downloadsdk Just
    made it so you can post the comment The application windows wants you to
    use to develope

  7. I don’t know anybody answered you yet, but look up “channel 9 windows phone
    development for absolute beginners”. it’s a pretty good crash course guide.

  8. where can I get started with designing apps for WP8?

  9. Where/How should I download this app development program?

  10. The camera wasn’t in focus lads

  11. microsoft(dot)com/visualstudio/eng/downloads -> Visual Studio Express 2012
    for Windows Phone

  12. a bit ard ta undastan ya mate!

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