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Who are we

Performance Software NY INC. is a leader in custom software development and mobile marketing. Our consultants leverage the Performance Software NY INC. mobile site builder, SMS/text messaging platform and mobile apps creator along with local niche designs when structuring a complete mobile solution for their local business clients.  Furthermore, Performance Software NY INC. delivers results for local businesses by transforming their client acquisition and retention strategies through the implementation of the latest technology into their marketing strategy. Performance Software NY INC. continually invests in our tools as well as our team to ensure our technology and training are on the cutting edge and that we remain a leading software development and mobile marketing company in today’s competitive market.


Software Development

Custom software development services are available by utilizing the latest technology features available.  Our team of highly qualified programmers and designers ensure backward and forward compatibility with your existing platform.  Click more for additional details.


Social Media Marketing

The time for blanket advertising is over!.  Put your Business Front and Center with target marketing.  Thousands of clients that have expressed an interest in exactly what you do.  If you sell seashells, we can place your message directly in front of clients that need shells.  This is target marketing.  It is 100 times more cost-effective than mass marketing.  Let us show you how to use Social Media to your advantage.

Facebook, Pinterest
Twitter –  Youtube



Text (SMS) Messaging

Extend a personal touch Performance Software can help you create a text message database and service to reach your customers in a variety of ways:

• Appointment reminders
• Coupons
• Questionnaires
• Polls
• General Marketing Texts


Mobile Apps

Do you have an idea for an app? We can make it happen!

Want to create your own radio station? Need it to run on iPhone, Android, Kindle AND a website? No sweat. Need to put it in the iTunes and Play stores? We can walk you through the entire process from product creation to release.  Let us help you bring your app idea to market, click More to get started. 


Mobile Websites

Cutting edge designs for today’s high resolution, high-performance cell phone, and tablet displays. Up to 85% of your audience is viewing your website from a mobile platform, you can’t afford to invest in anything less than perfection.

Your voice will be integral during the entire design process from inception to project completion. No mobile site goes live without the client’s final approval.



SEO is necessary to ensure the website is developed in a way that they are easily read by the Search Engines.



Website Hosting

Website Hosting is a necessary element for the publication and success of your website regardless of platform. Having a managed dedicated reliable host is critical.





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