Mananas (Julia’s Bananas)
A Song for Julia


Mananas is a song for written and recorded for Julia Adams in an effort to help Julia’s family with her never-ending medical expenses.  Julia is a toddler from PA who is fighting for her life from a rare form of Cancer. 

Julia was unable to say the word Bananas, she would call them Mananas, hence the name of the song. 


Please download the song, share it with friends and family & sing along, the more people singing and humming to the same vibration the better!

Donations in any amount will be much appreciated.  

Proceeds from this song will be sent to the Julias family.



We believe healing is possible when the vibration of love and light is heightened, which is a cooperative and conscious effort and easily reached through song.




The song and Lyrics are available to all who make a donation, in any amount, it doesn’t matter, any amount will help.